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Arlington, TX

J. Todd Baker (Therapist/President)

Diana Ham (Therapist/Site Director)

Debbie Newhouse (Therapist)

Victoria Thompson (Therapist)

Betty Lopez (Therapist)

Sylvia Williams (Therapist)

Cameron Long (Therapist)

Caleb Rudolph (Therapist)

Colleyville, TX

Bryan Tzeng (Franchise Owner / Therapist)

Monica Gautney (Therapist)

Ruth Martinez (Therapist)

Nigel D’Souza (Therapist)

Chris Adame (Therapist Associate)

Tori Tzeng (Director of Operations)

Executive Team

J. Todd Baker (Therapist/President)
Sandy Baker (VP of Operations & Special Services)
Jeremy Morrison (VP of Finance)
Stephanie Broadwater (Director of Marketing)

Haslet, TX

Zaira Salas (Therapist)

Kristy Meador (Therapist)

Jessica Riggs (Therapist)

Mello-Dee Capps (Therapist Associate)

Bryan McLain (Therapist Associate)

Marla Hodgson (Office Manager)

Lewisville, TX

J. Todd Baker (Therapist/President)

Southlake, TX

Gary Baas (Therapist/Site Director)

Barb Creason (Therapist)

Tiffany Young (Therapist)

Laverna Soucie (Therapist)

Rosalyn Bowie (Therapist)

Jessica Ochs (Specialty Christian Counselor)

Bedford, TX

Beth Ann Contreras (Therapist/Co-Site Director)

Mark Russell (Therapist/Co-Site Director)

Ashley Lopez (Therapist)

Ana Nicolalde (Therapist)

Lisa Williams (Therapist)

Decatur, TX

Stacy Strassmann (Therapist/Site Director)

Mello-Dee Capps (Therapist Associate)

Fort Worth, TX

Bryan Tzeng (Franchise Owner / Therapist)

Nigel D’Souza (Therapist)

Keller, TX

Lacey McComas (Therapist/Site Director)

Ashley Applewhite (Therapist)

Dianna Clayton (Therapist)

Gay Kelso (Therapist)

Jennifer Long (Therapist)

Will Sandoval (Therapist)

Colleen Velasco (Therapist)

Raphaelle Bernier (Therapist Associate)

Valentina Vanzant (Office Manager)

Mansfield, TX

Caroline Ahls (Therapist/Site Director)

Rachael Abedraboh (Therapist)

Kaneisha Bailey (Therapist)

Nicolas (Nick) Eno (Therapist)

Virtual Services

Vicky Keller (Director of Virtual Services)

Beulah Joshua (Virtual Therapist)

Karl Reigle (VirtualTherapist)

Mary Rodriguez (Virtual Therapist)

Sarah Gonzalez (Virtual Therapist)

Cynthia Williams (Virtual Therapist)

Rosalyn Bowie (Virtual Therapist)

Ryan Judice (Virtual Therapist)

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