Self-Pay Options

Logos Payment Plan

We understand that oftentimes the road to Mental Health can become expensive, especially for quality help.

As a company, we seek to provide the highest quality services and techniques in order to best assist our clients. As such, we have chosen to not cut corners with our equipment and expert therapists.

Although each therapist is encouraged to provide Pro Bono work, that work is limited due to the cost of our services.

It is our pleasure to now offer a new way of managing your Mental Health without the added financial burden of per session out of pocket using the Logos Payment Plan.

The payment plan is exclusively for Neurofeedback and EMDR clients as well as Self-Pay Clients paying on the Sliding Fee Scale.

Sessions paid out over a 24 month period with no early payment penalties. Additional services accrued and paid out over a 24 month period. 5% service charge applied at each payment.

However, complete packages can be purchased for a reduced rate.

$1,200 – 10 NF sessions + 2 Q’s (pre and post)

$2,400 – 20 NF sessions + 3 Q’s (pre, mid, and post)

Self-Pay EMDR sessions billed at $120 per session. Services accrued and paid out over a 24 month period.

Self-Pay traditional counseling sessions billed as per the Sliding Fee Scale. Services accrued and paid out over a 24 month period.

Logos Self-Pay Option

Feel free to explore the Logos Payment Plan, but if you choose to simply pay per session we do use a Sliding Fee Scale.

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