Zina Adi

M.S., LPC-Associate

Colleyville Office
Supervised by Bryan Tzeng, M.A., LPC-S.

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More Personal Details


M.S. in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Texas Woman’s University (2021)
B.A. in Psychology from University of North Texas – (2018)


2023 – Present: Logos Services, LLC, LPC-Associate


The classic answer you hear when you ask someone why they chose this line of work is that they want to help people. And, while that sounds generic or mediocre it is the first decision I made, at the young age of 12, to push me into choosing a fulfilling career. As I grew up my love for understanding people, creating connections, and making a difference in people’s lives became my drive in deciding that I want to be a mental health counselor.

I began my research into mental health while I was an undergrad at the University of North Texas majoring in psychology and researching neurofeedback and how sleep can affect your cognitive reactions. The science was fascinating, but I wanted more authentic relationships with the people I was speaking to. The biggest drive toward my career in counseling is my desire to want to stop all the horrible things in the world that happen to people. However, I know I am not a superhero, and even superheroes can’t save everyone. So, with counseling, I can try to help people heal, create life-long coping skills, and model a healthy and positive relationship.

After attending Texas Woman’s University for graduate school, I found that I have a passion for working with people from all different cultural backgrounds; especially people from middle eastern cultures as I also identify as an Arab-American Muslim. I have worked with teens, adults, and people living with depression, anxiety, abusive relationships, grief, and many more. I get asked every day if I love my work and my answer is always yes. 

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Specialties within Logos

Anxiety, Depression, Stress Management

All of our therapists are trained and equipped to help you through issues related to anxiety, depression, and stress using a variety of techniques and tools designed specifically for you.

Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing (EMDR)

This is a therapeutic technique that enables people to heal from the symptoms and emotional distress that are the result of disturbing life experiences (trauma).

Neurofeedback, QEEG, & other Alternative Therapies

We are happy to offer testing and therapeutic services using a variety of holistic approaches. These approaches can be used as either supplemental services to traditional therapy or sometimes in place of them.

Play Therapy & Art Therapy

Both Play Therapy and Art Therapy can be used to help clients interpret, express, and resolve their emotions and thoughts. Although Play Therapy is often used for children, Art Therapy can be used with a wide age range.